Machomax Forte

Do you know why your sexual performance has dipped? There might be multiple reasons. Stress, age, or even your diet can be a contributor. Bloom & Quaint Nutraceutical has created a new and improved potent formula MACHOMAX FORTE to support improved sexual performance. It helps increase testosterone, improve blood flow, and enhance sexual vigor.*

MACHOMAX FORTE male enhancement formula was developed after 5 years of rigorous research by Bloom & Quaint Nutraceutical. MACHOMAX FORTE was formulated using a blend of all-natural ingredients like L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, Vitamin E, Zinc oxide, which work together for the prime sexual performance for men. This ultimate male enhancement formula is free from harmful chemicals without having to sacrifice the potency of results.*

  • it’s a natural product containing all natural ingredients to promote better blood flow to the genital organs for better sexual performance in men and women.*
  • especially designed for improved sensation and pleasure.*
  • supports enhanced drive and performance.*
  • the synergy of these potent and natural ingredients help improve erection.*
  • helps to increase sexual desire, stimulation and arousal.*


  • L-arginine, an essential amino acid and one of the building blocks of proteins in the body, has become known as a safe and effective pro-sexual nutrient for men and women.
  • L-Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide (NO) in the human body. In the 1990s, scientists discovered that not only is NO an essential compound that helps blood circulation, but it is important to normal sexual function in both men and women. Without arginine there would be nix (NO), and without (NO), men would not be able to have erections.
  • Insufficient blood flow is a major cause of incomplete erection in men.
  • L-Arginine has been shown to improve blood flow to the genital area by dilating blood vessels and helping the penis to enlarge to its full capacity, thus increasing the size, hardness, and frequency of erections.
  • Both men and women report that L-Arginine seems to increase their libido or desire for sex, and some also report that L-Arginine gives them greater endurance and stronger, more powerful orgasms. Reports also suggest that L-Arginine supplements can improve fertility in men who have low sperm counts or poor sperm motility (activity).
  • This remarkable amino acid helps build muscle mass, enhance immune function, improve blood pressure, increase memory, and speed healing of wounds. Arginine-derived nitric oxide has also been found to play a supporting role in the cardiovascular, immune, and nervous systems and has been validated by hundreds of studies.


  • In the body, L-Citrulline is converted to the amino acid L-Arginine, which goes on to make another important substance nitric oxide. And nitric oxide is the secret to hard, firm, healthy erections.
  • The endothelium (inner lining) of blood vessels uses nitric oxide to signal a compound called cyclic GMP (cGMP). It is cGMP that triggers smooth muscles in the penis to relax. This results in vasodilation, or widening of the blood vessels, and an increase in blood flow. Nitric oxide helps the blood vessels maintain their flexibility so that the blood can flow unrestricted throughout the body, including the penis.
  • L-citrilline supplementation increases blood levels of L-arginine more effectively than supplementation of L-arginine alone.


  • Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin, is mostly known for its antioxidant capabilities in the human body. Alpha tocopherol is a form of vitamin E found in most cells of the body. Vitamin E is also a mild blood thinner that can help blood move more freely through vessels and canals, thereby improving circulation.
  • There are many benefits to taking vitamin E and sexual dysfunction relief is only one of them. The ability of vitamin E to fight free radicals and other cancer causing entities in your body makes it an ideal antioxidant.
  • Since vitamin E is a mild blood thinner, making sure you get the recommended daily amount of Vitamin E may help blood flow into the penis causing a harder, longer lasting erection.
  • Vitamin E can improve sexual function in the following ways:
  • Improves circulation
  • Repairs tissue damage
  • Prevents diabetes
  • Decreases premenstrual syndrome
  • Lubricant
  • Reduces prostate enlargement
  • Helps menopausal symptoms


  • Zinc has vital roles in the synthesis, transport and peripheral action of hormones. In fact, low dietary zinc status has been associated with low circulating concentrations of several hormones including testosterone.
  • It has been proven by research that male subjects with normal testosterone levels had a significantly higher zinc level compared to those with low testosterone levels.
  • Zinc supplementation in zinc-deficient normal elderly men improves testosterone levels.
  • Zinc supplementation prevents a decrease in testosterone levels after exercising, and men are able to maintain higher testosterone levels when supplementing with zinc.

Amount Per Serving

% Daily Values
Vitamin E as dl-alphatocopherol 30 iu 100
Zinc as zinc oxide 15 mg 100
L-Arginine (as L-Arginine HCI) 1000 mg
L-Citrulline 500 mg
†Daily Value Not Established.


MACHOMAX FORTE is manufactured in a GMP compliant manufacturing facility equipped with the State of the Art quality control lab. We perform more than sufficient quality control tests to assure product quality and its integrity.


MACHOMAX FORTE does not have known side effects provided it is used in the doses normally prescribed.


*These statements have not been evaluated by FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease (s).